Permohonan Maaf Suga BTS karena Operasi Bahunya, Begini Ungkapan Kekecewaannya -

Permohonan Maaf Suga BTS karena Operasi Bahunya, Begini Ungkapan Kekecewaannya

Last Updated 2020-11-07T06:31:10+00:00

Suga BTS diketahui telah menjalani proses operasi pada bagian bahunya. Ia pun dipastikan tidak akan mengikuti rangkaian promosi BTS dalam waktu dekat hingga waktu penyembuhan selesai.

Ungkapan Kekecewaan Suga

Di dalam sebuah pernyataannya, Suga mengungkapkan rasa kekecewaannya terhadap apa yang telah terjadi. Ia menjelaskan bahwa sudah mendatangi 4 rumah sakit dan mendapati 3 rumah sakit menyarankan untuk melakukan operasi.

Ia pun mengungkapkan rasa kesedihannya di dalam pernyataan tersebut. Ia mengucapkan permohonan maaf kepada ARMY karena tidak bisa mengikuti rangkaian kegiatan BTS untuk sementara.

Hello it's Suga.

After the announcement, amny people worried about me, I feel sorry and thank you so much. Fortunately, the surgery was successful. The current status is that there are some pains but I feel quite refreshed (relieved). My job is performing on the stage so I tried to do my best not to have the surgery and withstood with the physical therapy & injections but the bad situation, whenever I've been getting worse, was repeated so I was afraid fear.

Out of four hostpitals, three hospitals suggested to undergo a surgical operation in that level of situation so I had it. (I thought about it a lot to do or not) I feel sorry to the members that I can't do the schedule with them and sorry to ARMYs. I also feel very sad. For the speediest recovery I'll be away but will come back very soon. It will be not that long! Again sorry and thank you ARMYs!

Get well soon ya Suga!